How We Serve: Retail Space


Our retail space is ever-changing, evolving and as creative as some of the art that gets created here. You might find anything from wallpaper samples to wall art, cans of spray paint to cans of fake snow, fabric samples to un-gessoed canvas, an easel frame to a Christmas tree. It all gets donated to us so we can then offer it to you and those in the community, bypassing the landfill. See our lists below of acceptable materials for donations and unsuitable materials we do not accept. Our creative reuse donation and shopping center is an inclusive space where all are welcome to:

Donate materials that are hard to recycle or not accepted by traditional second-hand stores

Shop for materials using our “pay what you can afford” pricing model to keep items accessible

View our Artist Marketplace, Green Gallery, and Open Studio 

Our community has helped us divert over half a million pounds from the landfill by donating materials to our creative reuse center!


Tues-Fri  2-6pm
Sat-Sun  12-6pm
Mon         Closed


How To Contribute Materials

Donations may be brought in anytime during our shop hours or by appointment.

Please DO NOT leave donations outside our store when we are not open.

No appointment necessary to bring in a donation, however please give us a heads up if you have a car load or more of donations so we can make sure we have plenty of hands to assist with unloading.

If you have an item that you’re wanting to donate and don’t see it on the list below, please give us a call at the shop and our staff.

Please bring your donation in a box or bag you will leave with us.

Pre-sorted donations are very much appreciated and save us time and money on staff labor, allowing us to keep our materials affordable and accessible to all.


Acceptable Materials

Don’t see an item listed below?

Give us a call at the shop to ask if it’s something we stock!

Make sure your donations are free from any:

-Dust, mold, dirt, droppings, grease, bugs (check boxes that have been stored in attic and garages)
-Sharp and protruding objects such as nails or broken glass that may harm our team members


Art Supplies:

- Artist paints, canvases, brushes, fixatives,
-Drawing supplies: charcoal, sketchbooks, pencils
-Easels, drafting boards and tables
-Clay, sculpture tools, glazes
-Pens, markers, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, pastels
-Storage: flat files, portfolios, tool storage
-Mat board, foam core, mat cutters
-Rulers, drafting boards, paper cutters and mats
-Spray paint and stencils
-Screen printing supplies
-Frames and framing tools
-Art books - instructional and illustration

Craft Supplies:

-Jewelry and supplies, beads, costume and broken jewelry
-Pom poms, sequins, googly eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners
-Glue, glue guns, glue sticks
-Yarn, knitting and crochet supplies
-Rubber stamps and stamp pads
-Stained glass and supplies
-Craft books and instruction

Fabric & Notions:

-Fabric bolts, large pieces and scraps
-Elastic, trim, velcro, ribbon, thread
-Buttons, snaps, zippers and other closures
-Fiberfill, batting and foam
-Sewing tools: needles, pins, thimbles, pincushions
-Sewing machines in working order
-Sewing patterns and instruction books
-Fabric and upholstery samples and books

Office Supplies & Paper:

-Computer paper and cardstock
-Lined paper - loose and notebooks
-Colored paper: construction, origami, etc
-Rolls of paper, newsprint, graph paper
-Scrapbook paper and supplies
-Printer photo paper and labels
-Hanging and file folders, folder tabs
-Ledger and receipt pads, Post-its
-Pens, pencils, dry erase, highlighters
-Office tools, staplers, hole punch
-Maps, posters, postcards
-Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, mailing tubes and envelopes (used OK)
-Greeting cards, envelopes, stationary
-Binders, page protectors, binder tabs
-Filing trays and desktop organization
-Chalkboards, whiteboards, clipboards
-Book binding tools and supplies
-Books (no water damage)
-Calendars - new and used
-Photos and photo albums

Decor & Holiday:

-Artwork: paintings, prints, sculpture
-Faux flowers and arrangements
-Pinecones, shells, feathers
-Vases, decorative containers, vase filler
-Floral foam, tape and garden tools
-Baskets, basket filler
-Holiday decor, craft supplies and cards
-Party decor, streamers, balloons
-Gift wrap, bags, boxes and bows
-Disposable cups, plates, napkins
-Wreaths, wreath ribbons and forms
-String lights
-Clocks and clock parts
-Drafting or quilting lamps, small lampshades

Architecture & Household:

-Wood scraps in good condition (no nails)
-Metal, wood or plastic dowels and tubing
-Household paint and stain - must have label
-Paint rollers, cages, drop cloths
-Safety glasses, masks, work gloves
-Grout, caulk, plaster
-Wallpaper and wallpaper samples
-Hardware: screws, nails, etc
-Sandpaper and sanding tools
-Mosaic tiles and supplies
-Carpet samples (no sample books)
-Other architecture samples


-Working speakers and music players
-CDs and DVDs new and used
-Empty CD and DVD cases
-VHS tapes and players
-Cassette tapes and players
-Vinyl records and record players
-Mice, mouse pads, computer keyboards
-Film, film canisters, negatives


-Educational materials and tools
-Costumes and costume jewelry
-Puzzles, board games and game pieces
-Tiny toys, legos and building blocks, plastic figures (no stuffed animals)
-Marbles, coloring books
-Wine corks, bottle caps, pop tabs
-Plastic utensils, straws, chopsticks
-Twist ties, rubber bands, magnets
-Empty thread spools, pill bottles
-Cookie cutters, candy and soap molds
-New and used candles, wax, wicks, candle jars and molds
-Egg cartons, toilet paper and paper towel tubes
-Trophies and trophy parts
-Metal tins
-Tennis balls

Unsuitable Materials

-Used plastic and glass food containers
-Wearable clothing (costume items OK)
-Glass liquor and wine bottles
-Shaped styrofoam and coolers
-Computers, modems, printers, TVs, used batteries
-Curtains, sheets, bedspreads, tablecloths, used pillows, towels, mattress padding, hangers, used carpet
-Dishware, mugs, silverware
-Broken glass and loose glass sheets larger than 20” x 20” without prior approval
-Magazines (National Geographics and vintage OK)
-Makeup and personal care items
-Used medical items
-Stuffed Animals
-Dried up paints and adhesives
-Cleaning products, chemicals, unlabeled substances
-Furniture, filing cabinets
-Lamps (drafting or quilting lamps OK)