A Beginner’s Guide to Composting

With the beautiful weather rolling in, getting outside is a must — especially if you have a garden or you want to start one. To keep your plants blooming their best, consider composting. Not only does composting create nutrient-dense fertilizer for your garden, but it helps reduce the waste going to landfills and cuts down on methane emissions. We talked to Leah Sherry and Ali Hadd of Nashville’s Turnip Green Creative Reuse to learn more about composting and to get their tips and tricks for how to get started with this earth-friendly habit.

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Turnip Green Creative ReUse Center announces new location

Good news: the Turnip Green Creative ReUse Center has found a new home.

This eclectic non-profit reuse store that accepts donated art and craft supplies and sells them to artists and crafters for little or nothing,  is moving to 407 Houston St. where it will double its space when it reopens on March 2.

"We are very excited," said executive director Leah Sherry, who said the new location offers 4,500 square feet of space, compared to the 2,000 square feet it has had in East Nashville.

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From Discarded to Art

Look around your house. Have some halfbaked projects that never panned out collecting dust in your basement? Maybe you’re worried about the volume of trash you put out each week but aren’t sure how cut back. Need help? Look no further than Turnip Green Creative Reuse.
“We essentially are attempting to divert as many materials from the landfill as possible and redistribute them back to creative people who need them,” says Turnip Green executive director Leah Sherry. “That includes kids and under-funded schools, teachers, artists — anybody who can benefit.”

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Reduce, Reuse, Re-Create

SEEING THE ART IN TRASH is not always easy for the adult mind. I can only vaguely recall a time when I would anxiously wait for the rolls of wrapping paper at Christmastime to be completely used up so I could ask for the long cardboard cylinder that was trash to everyone else. As a child, I saw endless possibilities in it—it could be a huge spyglass or a sword or a peg leg. As an adult with a slightly dulled imagination and a fear of becoming a hoarder, it becomes harder to hang on to trash. But here at Turnip Green Creative Reuse, they hold on to the belief that imagination is key to reducing waste.

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