Your support makes a real difference in real people’s lives and we’d like to share just a few of these stories.


A Volunteer’s perspective



Rachel is a loyal volunteer who you can find working in our open studio every Friday. With a long list of impressive galleries where she has exhibited work, she will be the first to tell you "it's easier to name the pIaces I haven't shown in before." Rachel recently experienced a series of life-altering events including serious health issues and the loss of her husband whom she loved dearly.

While adjusting to these transitions, she found Turnip Green and instantly became a part of our reuse family. We always expect a swarm of visitors on Fridays coming in specifically to visit Rachel. People from all walks of life gather around the studio table as she guides them through art projects while sharing life wisdom. We are so fortunate to have found Rachel, who continues to build our community by creating a safe, welcoming, and creative space for everyone who walks through our doors.

teachers’ Perspectives


Ann Marie Dvorak

“As a Teaching Artist, I get to work alongside other knowledgeable educators to create mini safe, sustainable, and exploratory worlds with the perfect-sized groups of curious and creative young people in Metro Nashville public schools.”

Aubrey Derryberry

“One of my favorite things about being a Teaching Artist is the opportunity to connect, work with, and learn from so many great people in the community.”

Ellen Schlabach

“Working for Turnip Green Creative Reuse as a teaching artist is inspiring because I get to see the creativity and problem solving skills of the youngest members in our community.”

Students’ Perspective



“The Turnip Green Creative Reuse program is great because we get to communicate and collaborate with different grades while having fun. It’s taught me to be better at crafts and learning how to make art out of trash at home.”


“We get to play with materials we can’t at school. It’s helped me communicate better and to not be as shy.”

A Donor’s perspective

Cindy Kershner’s scrap t-shirt rugs and dryer balls are a wonderful example of reuse creativity.

Cindy Kershner’s scrap t-shirt rugs and dryer balls are a wonderful example of reuse creativity.

Cindy Kershner

“I really dislike waste, and Turnip Green Creative Reuse helps me reduce the waste I generate while I’m also helping teachers and local artists save money and make things that bring them joy. In addition, I reduce waste by making my own craft projects from items others donate. I love Turnip Green and its mission!”

A Customer perspective


Jean Zelle

“I’ve always scrounged art supplies. I just never knew it was called creative reuse.”


A TGCR Employee’s Perspective


Kelsea Shaw

“I’ve worked for Turnip Green Creative ReUse for a year and a half and I love it! I love the flexibility in schedules and the content I get to teach combines my love of art and the environment. I have also learned ALOT and I am very fond of everyone I work with and find myself hanging out at the shop when I don’t have to work. It’s also inspired me to start making the time for myself to create and make art again!”