Leah Sherry

Executive Director

As a visual artist and environmentalist herself, Leah Sherry finds great joy in working alongside fellow planet-loving creatives to spark positive change in our community. She is an avid rockhounder, loves her pets: Peter, Scamper, and Sparkler; and couldn't be any more Aquarius if she tried.


Ally Miller

Program Manager

Ally Miller is consistently delighted with the joy, dedication, and community she finds working at Turnip Green Creative Reuse. Outside of TGCR, you can find Ally hiking, biking, and running in Nashville's green spaces, as well as slowly working her way through the New York Times' crossword archive and recipe catalog.


Anya Hudyncia

Shop Manager

Anya loves all things green and is proud of her massive indoor house-plant collection (which includes 6 avocado trees, woohoo!) Trained in woodworking and furniture design, she like to give sad trees a second chance at life by only using scrap wood materials.


Nicole Avendaño

Education Coordinator

Nicole believes that planet protection is people protection and strives to advocate for both. With a strong focus on TGCR’s waste reduction classes, Nicole enjoys teaching and learning about the creative ways to reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill through the 5 R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot). 

Ryan Bukowski.jpg

Ryan Bukowski

Lead Teaching Artist

Ryan Bukowski is a huge fan of art, music, the Nashville Predators and has never met a dog he’s never patted on the head. As a teaching artist, he finds great joy in working with and strives to be a positive influence for disadvantaged students. 


Ann Marie Dvorak de Morales

Lead Teaching Artist/Recycling Lead

Ann Marie moved from Lake Erie to the Sandia Mountains to the hills of Tennessee, and she’s been writing, crafting, thrifting, thinking, and teaching youth from K-12th grade along the way. She hopes that all humans reconnect to Mother Earth and their creative problem-solving, artistic selves.


Sarah Wink

Gallery Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Wink loves teaching about recycling and helping people get mega-creative with reusing materials they find in the shop. Outside of the shop she can be found at home making watercolor illustrations, collages, and reuse jewelry, as well as trying to figure out how to keep her String of Pearls succulent alive. How does one do it? Seriously, she may never know.


Ellen Schlabach

Reuse Specialist/Teaching Artist

When not at Turnip Green, Ellen can usually be found chipping away on a visual arts project in her studio, throwing a concert in her barn, or deep in the woods on an adventure. As a Teaching Artist and Reuse Specialist, she is perpetually inspired by the creativity and innovation of her community. 

kyle lincoln_Filter.jpg

Kyle Lincoln

Reuse Specialist,
Compost Teaching Artist

Kyle Lincoln is an avid admirer of the earth and its own creativity. He can often be found in his garden tending to various plants or edible projects, checking on his compost pile, or in his kitchen cooking, making some sort of ferment or the occasional lemon meringue pie. He tends to be out and about with a camera and enjoys capturing wondrous moments of nature, people, or stars.


Robert Hughes

Reuse Specialist/Teaching Artist

Robert Hughes loves to paint, particularly while singing along to soul music that's resonating throughout his art space and most often bookended by his beloved dogs Bruno and Marley. He's been known to launch an ax with the grace of a gorilla, is a walking X-Men encyclopedia and his introduction to Turnip Green has ignited a spark to reinterpret his artistic approach and explore the use of found materials to divert micro-plastics from the ocean so generations to come can enjoy crystal clear waters like he did as a kid.

colin copeland_Filtered.jpg

Colin Copeland

Reuse Specialist/Teaching Artist

Colin Copeland is considered a humorous man, although that's often put up for debate. As a sequential artist, he attempts to tell people entertaining and sometimes (but usually not always) thought provoking stories of machines, nature, and heroism, all while teaching grade schoolers how hard it is to draw a circle.

Daniel Green.jpg

Daniel Green

Reuse Specialist 

When not helping all of the cool, interesting things that come through the Turnip Green shop find a new home, he is working on his masters in sustainable development so that he can help provide homes for every type of cool, interesting Nashville resident. If you don’t see him in the shop, you can usually find Dan in his backyard garden or diving deep into soft 70s rock for his next playlist.

Board of Directors

Jamie Flynn

Natalie Corwin

Marla Thalheimer

Amelie Guthrie

Kathy MacLachlan

Lauren Poole

Jake Wells